Don't be busy.

There’s one thing that all us #smallbiz owners have in common: we’re busy. ⁣⁣

“How are you doing?” “I’m soooo BUSY.”⁣

“Are you going to so-and-so’s party?” “No, I’m BUSY.”⁣

“Did you see the last episode of Madam Secretary?” “Nope, too BUSY.


But, here’s the thing: every time we tell someone, ‘I’m busy,’ two things happen...⁣⁣

  1. THE CONVERSATION ENDS because 'I'm busy,' doesn’t give the other person the opportunity to learn anything more about us, to offer support, to help us problem solve or to celebrate with us; and/or⁣

  2. THE RELATIONSHIP SUFFERS because we have - in an instant - determined that the inquiring person doesn’t deserve, doesn’t care or can’t be trusted to know how we’re really doing. We’ve brushed them off with a vague, boilerplate answer and they know it (maybe only subconsciously); eventually, they’ll stop asking, and we’ll believe they don't care. (#selffulfillingprophecy)⁣⁣

I am not suggesting that we should launch into our life stories or describe our every feeling each time a stranger asks how we’re doing. But, what if we occasionally chose to say we’re TIRED because we chose to schedule one more meeting, rather than sleep? Or that we’re DISCONNECTED or LONELY because we haven’t had much quality time with friends and family. Or, that we’re EXCITED because we're chasing our dreams!

⁣⁣Changing that one little word allows our friends to check in on us, to offer help, support and love. Changing that one little word allows our families to play a part in our journeys - the highs and the lows. Changing that one little word allows us to be vulnerable, proud and most importantly...human. ⁣⁣

So, friends, how are you doing⁣?