(c) 2018 Richard Barlow Photography.

(c) 2018 Richard Barlow Photography.

For the majority of my childhood, I kept a daily journal and could easily lose myself in a good book for hours (or days). And, I remember, perhaps idealistically, excelling and sailing through English classes for the entirety of my education. It wasn’t until I was met by the demands of adulthood that daily journaling fell by the wayside and reading became a luxury rather than a practice (something I’m trying to rectify, as I near my 40th year). Yet, even in the face of all those adult responsibilities, one thing has remained firmly anchored at the top of my life’s bucketlist: write a novel.

Writing and, more precisely, telling stories, is in my soul.

And, while my novel is still a work-in-progress (and may forever remain so), the writer in me has refused to remain dormant any longer.

In August 2018, my first published work, a children’s book, entitled, The Giving Crusade, was released into the world with a BIG mission: to teach children that giving a little can do a lot!

Today, The Giving Crusade is being read by more than 1,000 people, in 31 different U.S. states and at least 3 countries!

For more information on The Giving Crusade, visit thegivingcrusade.com or follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

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The Giving Crusade was written by Kate Pope, illustrated by Barbara Szepesi Szucs and was published by Charlotte-based Warren Publishing

The Giving Crusade is available for purchase online at thegivingcrusade.com or at select retail boutiques in the United States.

ISBN: 978-0-9894814-0-3

8x8” hardcover, 18-pages

Retail $16.95

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The Giving Crusade LLC was founded to teach young children how to engage and give back to their community and to foster the growth of young, socially-conscious community leaders who will create a better, kinder world.

The Giving Crusade is the company’s first publication.

The Giving Crusade LLC is a North Carolina limited liability company founded in 2018 by sisters, Kate Pope and Allison Donovan.

(c) 2018 Red Bridge Photography.

(c) 2018 Red Bridge Photography.